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Russia St Petersburg
Russia St Petersburg. Founded by Tsar Peter the Great, in the early 1700s.

One will never forget a visit to St Petersburg it has so much splendor from the times of the Tsars.

Built beside the Neva River, you will see amazing sights in the city itself. But one should also visit Peterhof Palace and Pushkin.

One could spend a week seeing St Petersburg ... so if its just a couple of days be organised.

Sightseeing St Petersburg

These are are some of the must sees ..

Bronze HorsemanHermitage Museum - Winter Palace
An amazing collection of art and sculptures. The splendor of the interior. One can spend all day here.

The Church of the Saviour on the Spilled Blood.
One will marvel at the mosaics. The colorful mosaic type onion domes, as well as mosaic art on its walls covering about 8.000 square yards (7000 square meters).

Peter-and-Paul Fortress.
A fortress built to defend the outlet to the Baltic Sea. Cathedral of Peter-and-Paul were most of the Russian tsars, from Peter the Great to the last Russian Emperor Nikolas II are buried.

The St. Isaac's Cathedral
An amazing building named in tribute to Peter the great who was born on the day of St. Isaac of Dalmatia. The interior has walls with gold, marble, lapis lazuli, malachite and porphyry.

Peterhof St PetersburgPeterhof
One of  the  oldest  Imperial summer  residencies in the St. Petersburg. You should visit the Palace and the Gardens with the amazing fountains.

Catherine Palace Tsarskoe Selo
It exceeds other palaces with its gigantic size and unique decorations. The stunning façade and interior that includes the Amber Room. Also the parks with the lake and amazing buildings.

These are just some of the wonderful things, one will see as one tours St Petersburg with the Amazing Buildings, Columns, Bronz Horseman and more.

One can also book evening tours to see Russian Evening Ballet or Russian Folkloric Shows.

Visas. One can not travel in Russia without a visa. A visa is quite expensive, but when you purchase a set tour a visa may not be required.

By taking a tour the saving of the visa can be a big percentage of the cost of the complete tour.

Any suggestions on St Petersburg ... things to see

Getting Around St Perersburg

Air: International airport in St. Petersburg Russia is called Pulkovo 2 . 17 km on the south of the city.

Transfers to hotels: We would suggest you arrange these via the hotel or on the internet prior to departure.

Cruises: These dock a little out of town and without a visa one can not leave the ship or port. Some smaller ships dock closer to town.

If one has a visa and visits downtown at night, take care, as I understand a bridge between the town and port is closed at certain times of the night.


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St Petersburg Russia
St Petersburg Russia Peterhof Hermitage St Isaacs Cathedral Palace Fountains



St Petersburg Russia
St Petersburg Russia Catherine Palace Pushkin Church of Our Savior on the Spilt Blood Peter and Paul




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St Petersburg is just amazing. Its sightseeing one will never forget.

My advise is to book a tour in advance as this can save on the visa cost and you are then sure to see the wonderful sights.

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St Petersburg

St Petersburg has many
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sightseeing packages.

The advantage of many of these you will not require
a Visa which is expensive.

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