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Crete the largest of the Greek Islands with Heraklion the capital city. The island offers much to see both historically or if you prefer beaches.

Sightseeing Heraklion

Heraklion is the capital of Crete in the Aegean.

A good place to start a visit to Crete, this modern and old town offers plenty of interest.

Whilst in Heraklion one should explore the town with the Venetian fortress at the harbour and just outside of town Knossos the home of the Minoan civilization with important archeological finds.

Crete with its 1,000 kilometer long coastline, makes Crete a popular destinations for those that like to discover history or if you prefer relax at a beach.

With Crete waiting to be discovered. The local bus offers a good service to most parts of the island and taxis are also available.

It is however an ideal place to hire a car and set off to explore as you wish.

KnossosA must see is Knossos. One can only describe it as remarkable when you realise, the Minoan civilisation go back to 7000 BC, during the Neolithic Period.

Other amazing historical finds are Tylissos, The royal villa at Aghia Triada, Mallia, Phaistos ... one should read up on Crete when planning a trip.

Getting Around the Islands - Crete

Air: Crete Airports: There are three Heraklion airport, Chania airport in Akrotiri and the Sitia airport.

Ferry: The main port is Heraklion with ferries to Piareus and other islands.

Cruises Ships: Berth at Heraklion. You could walk in to Heraklion for the city but suggest a shuttle if they have one available. If you plan to visit Knossos its better to go with a tour and so discover its history.

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For me to see Konossos makes a visit worthwhile. Its difficult to beleive how advanced they were in building and life style.

If one can, its an island to stay for a longer period, it offers so much. Why not hire a car and explore, just stying a night here and their as you discover the island.

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Sightseeing Heraklion

Sightseeing Greece

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