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St Tropez France
St Tropez South of France set around the harbour, a perfect place to stay and explore Provence.

St Tropez has a charm of its own ... its a joy stroll the harbour with the yachts or visit the beach. With a car you are able to explore the towns in the area. Toulon, Marseille, Aix d Provence and more.

If you want an adventure. Iles Dhyeres (Lavant) with Nudism permitted everywhere except in the few "public" places.

Sightseeing St Tropez

St Tropez FranceVisiting St Tropez to relax, you have about 40 beaches scattered around the peninsula and within reach of Saint Tropez. The area also has Vineyards that offer wine tasting.

You have hiking trails, these stretch for approx 12 km, between various beaches.

With a car, it worth studying the map, you are able to make day trips to many of the sights in the area .. or maybe just drive out to a small town for lunch or dinner.

Naturally St Tropez has many water sports and activities.

Getting Around St Tropez

Car: The easiest way to reach St Tropez is by car. Which means you can stay in or around the town and explore the area.

Air: Toulon Hyeres or Nice
Depends on your departure point to get the best fare.

Bus: A Bus services is available between Toulon Hyeres and St Tropez or return (about 53 km). However the schedules can vary and may require travel via Toulon. We suggest you check the latest information with the airline you are traveling.

Some local bus services are available along the coast, but one should obtain details and times for these in advance. Unless you are traveling with lots of time to spare.

Shuttle Transport Between Nice and St Tropez: is available - View

Taxis: These are available at the airports but are expensive. One should check the cost with the driver first.

Accommodation St Tropez

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I love St Tropez and the Provence area of France .... it has so much of interest.

I find a cars the best way to get to St Tropez. Then make it a base to explore the area .... this give you the chance to just sit along the water and people watch, enjoy the beaches and on other days drive out, through the vineyards, to a town for lunch or dinner and to explore as one wishes.

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Sightseeing France
From Nice or Cannes

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St Tropez - France - Provence and The Cote D'Azur Info